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"Our core mission – providing a great education for our students – remains our lodestar. That has been fundamental to Seneca since we opened our doors in 1967. A Seneca education is a valuable combination of practical and sophisticated skills underpinned by theoretical knowledge. It is polytechnic education, enriched by technology-enabled learning. As much as the high-quality professional and career-based training that we offer matters, our focus is equally on a broad-based education that will help our students navigate the dynamism, even uncertainty, of the future with confidence. Today, a Seneca education is a global education. Reflecting the diversity of the greater Toronto region, joined by thousands of international students from 140 countries, Seneca’s students bring a global perspective to the classroom and the campus. Increasingly, our students and faculty are learning and teaching abroad. By program’s end, our graduates are career-ready, stepping directly from the convocation stage into the world that awaits them. The Seneca graduate is prepared to be the fully participating citizen and, yes, the leader that our communities require whether around the corner or around the world. More than 190,000 Seneca alumni prove that every day. They bring great to the world."

Seneca College Programs

3D Animation
Academic Upgrading
Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Payroll
Accounting Techniques
Acting for Camera and Voice
Advanced Accounting and Finance
Advanced Investigations and Enforcement
Art Fundamentals
Arts and Science - University Transfer
Aviation Operations
Aviation Safety
Behavioural Sciences
Biotechnology - Advanced
Brand Management
Broadcasting - Television
Building Systems Engineering Technician
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Business Administration - Financial Planning
Business Administration - Human Resources
Business Administration - International Business
Business Administration - Management
Business Administration - Marketing
Business Administration - Purchasing and Supply Management
Business Analytics
Business - Insurance
Business - International Business
Business - Marketing
Chemical Engineering Technology
Chemical Laboratory Technician
Chemical Laboratory Technology - Pharmaceutical
Child and Youth Care
Civil Engineering Technician
Civil Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology (For York University Students Only)
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Networking and Technical Support
Computer Programmer
Computer Programming and Analysis
Computer Systems Technology
Cosmetic Science
Cosmetic Techniques and Management
Court and Tribunal Administration
Creative Advertising
Creative Advertising (Joint Seneca/York)
Database Application Developer
Documentary and Non-Fiction Media Production
Early Childhood Education
Electromechanical Engineering Technology - Automation
Electronics Engineering Technician
Electronics Engineering Technology
Environmental Landscape Management
Environmental Technician
Environmental Technology
Esthetics and Spa Therapies
Event and Media Production
Event Management - Event and Exhibit Design
Event Marketing - Sports, Entertainment, Arts
Fashion Arts
Fashion Business
Fashion Business Management
Fashion Studies
Financial Planning
Financial Services - Client Services
Financial Services Compliance Administration
Financial Technology
Fire Protection Engineering Technician
Fire Protection Engineering Technology
Fitness and Health Promotion
Flight Services
Flight Services: Operations and Cabin Management
Floral Design
Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting
Game Art and Animation
General Arts - English for Academic Purposes
General Arts - One Year Certificate
Global Hospitality Business Development
Global Hospitality Operations Management
Global Hospitality Services Leadership
Graphic Design
Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology
Honours Bachelor of Child Development
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Business Management
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Business Technology Management
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services Management
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Strategy and Technology
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - International Accounting and Finance
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - International Business Management
Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing
Honours Bachelor of Community Mental Health
Honours Bachelor of Crime and Intelligence Analysis
Honours Bachelor of Healthcare Management
Honours Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Honours Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security
Honours Bachelor of Technology - Software Development
Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation
Hospitality Foundations
Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Services Management
Human Resources Management
Independent Illustration
Independent Music Production
Infant and Early Child Mental Health
Interactive Media Design
International Business Management
International Transportation and Customs
Law Clerk
Law Clerk (Accelerated)
Liberal Arts University Transfer
Library and Information Technician
Marketing Management
Mechanical Engineering Technician (Tool Design)
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Building Sciences
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial Design
Mechanical Technician - CNC Programming
Mechanical Techniques (Tool and Die/Mould Making)
Non-Profit and Social Sector Management
Nursing (Collaborative with York University)
Office Administration - Executive
Office Administration - Health Services
Office Administration - Legal
Personal Support Worker
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees
Professional Accountancy
Professional Accounting Practice
Project Management - Environmental
Project Management - Information Technology
Public Relations - Corporate Communications
Real Property Administration (Assessment and Appraisal)
Real Property Administration (Assessment and Appraisal) (Accelerated)
Recreation and Leisure Services
Social Media
Social Service Worker
Social Service Worker - Gerontology
Social Service Worker - Immigrants and Refugees
Strategic Marketing and Marketing Analytics
Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics
Sustainable Business Management
Technical Communication
Tourism - Services Management - Global Business Specialization
Tourism - Services Management - Travel Services Specialization
Tourism - Travel Operations
Visual Effects for Film and Television
Visual Merchandising Arts