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George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology is a public, fully accredited college of applied arts and technology with three full campuses in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Studying at George Brown College in downtown Toronto, you will live, learn and work in the heart of Canada’s biggest, most diverse economy. We offer more than 160 career-focused certificate, diploma, postgraduate and degree programs - one of the widest ranges of full-time college programs in Canada. Most of our programs have a field education component which gives you a valuable opportunity to work and learn with industry partners who may even one day become your future employer. The George Brown College International Centre office provides support and services for all students seeking information regarding a variety of international education. Specific services include: advising for all diploma, post-graduate and degree related students, study and work opportunities, orientation, assistance with study and work permits, and information about th eEnglish for Academic Purposes (ESL) program. We also offer information on available programs to international students, admission requirements, how to pay your fees, and how to arrange your placement tests.   George Brown College helps you develop the technical skills needed to launch your career and the people skills that will help you succeed in the workforce.

George Brown College Programs

Acting for Media (P107)
Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology (C102)
Advanced French Patisserie (H413) (Postgraduate)
Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management (H414) (Postgraduate)
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies (C114)
Analytics for Business Decision Making (B412) (Postgraduate)
Apparel Technical Design (F414) (Postgraduate Certificate)
Architectural Technician (T132)
Architectural Technology (T109)
Art and Design Foundation (G108)
Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate (C137) (previously R107)
Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate (R107)
Autism and Behavioural Science (C405) (Postgraduate)
Baking and Pastry Arts Management (H113)
Baking – Pre-Employment (H108)
Behavioural Science Technician (C146)
Behavioural Science Technician (C156) (Intensive)
Blockchain Development (T175)
Building Information Modeling Management (T412) (BIM) (Postgraduate)
Building Renovation Technician (T110)
Building Renovation Technology (T148)
Business – Accounting (B103)
Business Administration – Accounting (B107)
Business Administration – Accounting (B157) (with work experience)
Business Administration (B145)
Business Administration (B155) (with work experience)
Business Administration – Finance (B130)
Business Administration – Finance (B150) (with work experience)
Business Administration – Human Resources (B144)
Business Administration – Human Resources (B154) (with work experience)
Business Administration – International Business (B131)
Business Administration – International Business (B161) (with work experience)
Business Administration – Marketing (B108)
Business Administration – Marketing (B158) (with work experience)
Business Administration – Project Management (B126)
Business Administration – Project Management (B156) (with work experience)
Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (B122)
Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (B162) (with work experience)
Business (B125)
Business – Finance (B133)
Business – Human Resources (B134)
Business – Marketing (B120)
Career Development Practitioner (C406)
Child and Youth Care (C133)
Child and Youth Care (C143) (Fast-Track)
Civil Engineering Technology (T164)
College Teachers Training for Internationally Educated Professionals (R403) (Postgraduate)
Commercial Dance (P106)
Community Worker (C101)
Community Worker (C131) (Fast-Track)
Computer Programmer Analyst (T127)
Computer Systems Technician (T141)
Computer Systems Technology (T147)
Concept Art for Entertainment (G407) (Postgraduate)
Construction Engineering Technician (T161)
Construction Engineering Technology (T105)
Construction Management (T403) (for Internationally Educated Professionals) (Postgraduate)
Construction Trades Techniques (T126)
Consulting (B414) (Postgraduate)
Culinary Arts – Italian (H411) (Postgraduate)
Culinary Management (H100)
Culinary Management (H116) (Integrated Learning)
Culinary Management – Nutrition (H119)
Culinary Skills (H134) (previously H112 Culinary Skills – Chef Training)
Dance Performance (P105)
Dance Performance Preparation (P101)
Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) (S113)
Dental Hygiene (S124)
Dental Office Administration (S115)
Dental Technology (S100)
Denturism (S101)
Design Management (G401) (Postgraduate)
Digital Design – Game Design (G405) (Postgraduate)
Early Childhood Assistant (C105)
Early Childhood Education (C100)
Early Childhood Education (C118) (Consecutive Diploma/Degree)
Early Childhood Education (C130) (Fast-Track)
Early Childhood Education (C160) (Accelerated)
Electrical Techniques (T167)
Electromechanical Engineering Technician (T146)
Electromechanical Engineering Technology – Building Automation (T171)
Entrepreneurship Management (B416) (Postgraduate) (former code B410)
Fashion Business Industry (F112)
Fashion Management (F102)
Fashion Techniques and Design (F113)
Financial Planning (B407) (Postgraduate)
Fitness and Health Promotion (S125)
Food and Beverage Management – Restaurant Management (H132)
Food and Nutrition Management (H402) (Postgraduate)
Game – Art (G119) (former program code G109)
Game – Programming (T163)
Gemmology (F105)
General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes (R115) (for International Students)
General Arts and Science – One-Year (R104) (Certificate)
General Arts and Science (R101) (Diploma)
Graphic Design (G102)
Health Informatics (T402) (Postgraduate)
Health Information Management (C139)
Hearing Instrument Specialist (S117)
Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Technician (T160)
Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Technology (T162)
Honours Bachelor of Behaviour Analysis (S302)
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (H311) (Hospitality)
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Services) (B302)
Honours Bachelor of Commerce (H315) (Culinary Management)
Honours Bachelor of Digital Experience Design (G301)
Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership (C300)
Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership (C301) (Fast-Track)
Honours Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language – English) (C302)
Honours Bachelor of Technology (T312) (Construction Management)
Hospitality – Hotel Operations Management (H133)
Hospitality Services (H101) (Pre-Hospitality)
Human Resources Management (B408) (Postgraduate)
Information Systems Business Analysis (T405) (with experiential learning capstone)
Interaction Design and Development (G103)
Interaction Design (G113) (previously G103)
Interactive Media Management (G412) (Postgraduate)
Interdisciplinary Design Strategy (G414) (Postgraduate) at the Institute Without Boundaries
Interior Design Technology (T170)
International Business Management (B411) (Postgraduate)
International Fashion Management (F412) (Postgraduate Certificate)
Intervenor for Deafblind Persons (C108)
Jewellery Arts (F114)
Jewellery Essentials (F111)
Jewellery Methods (F110)
Marketing Management – Financial Services (B406) (Postgraduate)
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (T121)
Mechanical Technician – CNC and Precision Machining (T173)
Mechanical Techniques (T149) (Fast-Track)
Media Foundation (G111)
Network and System Security Analysis (T413) (Postgraduate)
Office Administration – Health Services (S135)
Plumbing Techniques (T165)
Pre-Business (A146)
Pre-Community Services (A103)
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas (A109)
Project Management (B415) (Postgraduate)
Screenwriting & Narrative Design (P400) (Postgraduate)
Social Service Worker (C119)
Sound Design & Production (G409) (Postgraduate)
Special Event Management (H131)
Sport and Event Marketing (B400) (Postgraduate)
Strategic Relationship Marketing (B409) (Postgraduate)
Sustainable Fashion Production (F415) (Postgraduate Certificate)
Theatre Arts – Performance (P104)
Theatre Arts-Preparation (P108)
Tourism and Hospitality Management (H130)
Video Design & Production (G112)
Visual Effects (G408) (Postgraduate)
Welding Techniques (T166)
Wireless Networking (T411) (Postgraduate)